Operation & Maintenance

Benefits of Operations & Maintenance Services

  • Improvements in the Performance of Gensets/Power Plants
  • plant life extension
  • Flexibility in Plant operations
  • Avoid losses which may occur due to any problem in the Power Plants
  • Uninterrupted Power¬† supply

IPS provides the following scope of work in Operations & Maintenance so that you may get uninterrupted power;


  • Operators
  • Engineer(If required)


  • Provide Operator for 12 Hrs per day duty.
  • Maintain Daily log sheet
  • Maintain Complete B/L Sheets
  • 7 days a week & 30 days a month.
  • Qualified operator with technical background
  • No emergency need for maintenance team
  • Some trouble shootings sour tout by operator
  • Client will provide transportation.
  • Food & accommodation provided by Client.
  • Alternate operator will be providing by IPS.


  • Coolant level
  • Oil (crankcase) level
  • Leakage, both oil and coolant
  • Fan / Alternator belt condition
  • Air-cleaner element indicator
  • Batteries electrolyte level/battery cables
  • Missing & broken parts
  • Dash Gauges
  • In-spite of exciter part and connection

Periodic Maintenance (As & when Required)

  • Changing oil & filters
  • Changing coolant & coolant condition
  • Service/changing air-cleaner elements
  • Filling Battery Electrolyte
  • ¬†Greasing all services points
  • Fan belt adjustment / replacement
  • Valve lash/bridge adjustment
  • Changing fuel filter
  • Governor & throttle control linkages adjustment

Inspection & Testing (When Required)

  • Testing engine under load 7 off load condition for general performances evaluation Load to be provide by client.
  • Testing of safety devices operation.
  • Testing of dash gauges and panel gauges operation.
  • Output voltage for fluctuation / adjustment.
  • Rectification of all leakages.
  • Inspection of starting circuit.
  • Inspection of charging circuit.
  • Inspection of replacement of gauges.
  • Inspection of shut off circuit.
  • Inspection of fan drive unit.
  • Inspection of oil pumps.

Electric preventive Maintenance schedule.

  • Monthly dust blow and inspection of the electric panel.
  • Monthly dust blowing from the alternator and exciter winding and its inspection.
  • Monthly checking battery electrolyte specific gravity and its terminal for corrosion.
  • Monthly checking the governor, AVR and its behavior.
  • Quarterly electrical relays function test.
  • Quarterly electronic relays function tests.
  • Monthly engine safety tests.
  • Quarterly checking the mounting bolts of the alternator.
  • Quarterly checking the rotating diode visitors and its connection.
  • Quarterly lubrication of the electric starter.
  • Quarterly battery charger and its regular checking.
  • Servicing shall be done after running of Genset for 200 Hours, which will include all the jobs as Described above, plus checking, mounting unit for the turbo charger and tightening if necessary.
    • Replacing of all filters. Servicing of Radiator and Flushing if Required

Annual Maintenance Schedule :

Two visit every month from the date of confirming the order.

Every 1000 Hours:

  • All the above mentioned jobs and checking of tappet clearance, adjustment if necessary.
  • Checking of fuel injectors, servicing them if necessary.
  • Servicing of Radiator and flushing if required.

Every 200 Hrs.

  • All the above mentioned job will be carried out.
  • During scheduled visits the required/complaint will be addressed without any extra charges.