Rental Diesel & Gas

INTERNATIONAL POWER SERVICES has been successfully expanding its business to (Diesel Gensets and Gas) from 10 KVA to 10 MWs. Millions of Rupees has been invested as a capital investment. We have the most reliable and large amount of rental fleets in the country which provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective rental powers that are customized according to the clients’ requirements. We are having numerous technical staff and qualified engineers who are putting up their best efforts to achieve the highest standards.

Inspiring confidence with generator rental, temporary power, emergency, and other rental industrial energy solutions IPS provides generator rental. We help companies to increase their profits by creating opportunities, solving problems and reducing risk by using our unique network of country wide locations, for equipment and technical services.

If there is one word that sums up how we at IPS view ourselves as well as how our customers view us it is confidence. Confidence in the equipment and services we provide. Confidence in the promises we make. Confidence in the long lasting relationships we build.

IPS- Provider of Rental Industrial & Event Generator

We help customers in many different industries to improve and safeguard their operations by solving problems, creating opportunities and reducing risk.

IPS provides 24/7 availability and service support with competent employees and qualified technical staff, operating from over 5 locations country wide. Till now, we have served customers in different renowned industries through our rental fleet.

IPS is a total, solution-driven, networked infrastructure of rental power, experts that helps customers in all industrial, commercial and event-related sectors meet their goals and maximize their profits.

“IPS rental fleet with technical staff & engineers can assist you anywhere in Pakistan. For the convenience of our clients and to provide them prompt services we open our sub offices in the territory of our clients. So IPS is there for you always to provide you Uninterrupted Power”.